TiLUBE Racing Oil 10W-40 | 1 Qt


TiLube Synthetic Blend HP Racing oil is a special formulation providing ultimate protection against wear; oxidation; corrosion; and sludge deposits while providing that competitive edge. For use in racing engines; including those with flat tappet camshafts where an API specification 10W-40 motor oil is recommended. Optimum amount of ZDDP @ 1300 PPM. High quality base oils that create a high viscosity index. High VI allows this oil  to perform in grade over a wide range of operating temps. Quick; easy flow during start up and rapid acceleration; through ultra high temp situations where shear stability and comprehensive protection are crucial. 

For off road use only.

  • TiLube provides excellent wear and friction protection in extreme conditions
  • Ample amounts ZDDP for utmost anti-wear protection.