Harris Auto Racing is proud to provide our customers with a variety of services.

Tech Support

Here at Harris Auto Racing, we take pride in our tech support services. We are happy to provide our customers with the tech support and setup help that they need at NO additional cost.

Buying a used car but want to check the seller's facts first?

Give us a call and provide us with the chassis number; we will be able to look up the build sheet for that car and tell you all the information we have on the car. Updates are not always documented.

Already purchased a used car but the setup manual didn't come with?

We have all years of Harris and Terminator setup manuals in PDF format. Email or give us a call. All you need to do is provide us with your chassis number and we will be able to send you the full setup manual.  We have provided a baseline setup sheet that you are able to download below.

For all other tech support help, feel free to give our techs a call during normal business hours, Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00 pm and Friday 8:00am-4:00 pm. If they are helping another customer we will ask that you hold until they are completed with their current customer. It is helpful if you are patient as they help other customers like you.

Setup Sheets